Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My last gyro from LeMonde

Hey all, this is my very first post for my blog that I will hopefully be updating often while I am living in Spain. Today is my last day in the states and I've pretty much been taking it easy. I'm trying not to freak out about the fact that I am leaving my comfort zone thousands of miles away and not coming home for a year. I'm super excited though and I think once I finally reach Murcia it will be a big weight off my shoulders because I think I'm mostly nervous about all my connecting flights and finding the people who are picking me up and getting ahold of my landlord to let me in the apartment.

Tonight my mom and I are having one of our favorite meals...LeMonde gyros and fattoush salad. It will be my last one for a long time so I'm planning on thouroughly enjoying it. My next post will hopefully be coming from Spain so check back!