Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Arabic Tea Room

Yesterday Malika, Christy and I went to this place called Cafetín Arabe to study for our first test. It is this really nice place that has lots of low couches and pillows on the floor with low tables. Their menu has all these different kinds of tea and coffee from all over the world and they also have these middle eastern sweets. I had a turkish coffee and something similar to Baklava but it had almonds in the middle of it, both were really delicious. They were playing really good music in there and it was a really nice place to study until tons of people started coming in and talking and smoking cigarettes and hooka. It was ok though because we were sick of studying by that time anyway. We decided to go back there after our test tomorrow because it is a super nice atmosphere and we want to try some more coffees and teas.

Today in class one of the girls taught me how to write my last name in Chinese characters. It was really neat, she said that my name is some kind of tree that grows in China. I am trying to learn how to pronounce her Chinese name but it is very difficult. All the Chinese girls crack up whenever I try to say anything in Mandarin. They taught me how to say thank-you the other day, it is written in Roman letters like this: Xie Xie, now you try to pronounce that.

My new roommate is Stevie and she is from Alaska. I think we are going to get along even though we are pretty different. She sounds like she has had a really interesting life. Her biological dad is a ballet dancer in Las Vegas and she has lived in Arizona, Hawaii, Wyoming and now Alaska, and she has also studied in Granada and Costa Rica.

Ok, well I feel like I can´t write in English today because it has been ruined from speaking so much Spanish...which is good I suppose but it makes all my english sentences come out very simple and sounding like mush so I´m just going to shut up now.


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