Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chocolate Chip Cookies Rock My Socks Off

So today after class I made choc. chip cookie bars and they were so good. It was very comical to improvise with what little I have in my kitchen. I used a big pot as a mixing bowl and a miniture plastic cup as a measuring cup. They turned out quite good too. I gave one to my landlord and also to a Senegalese woman that braids hair around the corner from where I live at this open air flea market.

Right now the city festival is going on and so there are fiestas and desfiles almost every night and tons of good food and all these hand crafts to try. Next tuesday is a city wide holiday celebrating the city saint so I don´t have school and I´m thinking about participating in this little trek that the older people make up to this mountain nearby carrying a statue of the saint back to her normal spot in the sanctuary on top of the mountain. Then later that night there are most fiestas in Murcia which should be pretty cool too.


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