Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I was mistaken

Since the my last blog entry I have seen about 3 girls here rocking the mullet so apparently it is for everyone. In Sweden tapered pants are all the rage right now and I sincerely hope that that trend does not become popular in the rest of the world because my body is certainly not built for tapered pants. But my Swedish roommate, Ana, is one of the neatest girls ever. We speak in English a lot with Spanish blended in every once in awhile and sometimes she gets really frustrated and just speaks in Swedish and we just laugh about it.

Last night I went to Lindsey´s apartment which is in the building next to mine and we made a pizza and 2 bottles of wine. It is amazing how cheap wine is here, the majority of it is probably cheaper than bottled water is back in the states. There was a festival/re-enactment of what happened between the Christians and the Moors in Murcia that took place 2 blocks from our apartment so we went there after dinner last night. Everyone was dressed in costumes and there was all kinds of singing and dancing, it was really entertaining. Although not so much when I was trying to fall asleep about an hour later and couldn´t because they were making so much noise and there was no way I was closing my window in 85degree weather with no air conditioning. Good times.


Blogger Lyn said...

When we visited Spain about 12 years ago it was hard to get to sleep at night as well as the evening really got started around 10 pm for most people. Well, that was our bed time! Crazy culture. But I'm sure it's a blast. Keep the updates coming! Lyn

10:13 AM  

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