Friday, September 09, 2005


Today after class the coordinator for our program, Roberto, gave us a list of really good places to go get tapas here and said he would try to join us later so we went out in search of some good tapas for lunch. We ended up at this place close the the Plaza de las Flores with some strange name but I can´t remember exactly what it is called. We had the waiter bring us a plate of basically thier house tapas. Here is what he brought us: a plate of tomatoes and green olives soaked in olive oil, a plate of little sandwiches filled with sausages, hams, and anchovies, a plate of marineras which is a version of potatoe salad placed on a hard bread stick and topped with an anchovie, and a plate of sliced ham with pepper and covered in olive oil. I also had a glass of wine because it was cheaper than a pop. My overall opinion of the food is that it is quite good, except the meat is a bit frightening sometimes. When you walk into bars and restaurants it is all hanging up behind the counter and they usually have a pigs leg stuck in this contraption on the counter ready for them to slice meat off of it. A bit strange for me. I have also checked out places where the sell meat and you can buy a whole leg of pig or cow for like €120 which is pretty expensive. I´m sure in a few months it will just become part of daily life though.


Blogger Julie said...

Dear Emily,

I'm so glad there is a place for us to hear about your adventures. I will live my life vicariously through you as I sit in my windowless office and dream of far off places...I mean work my tail off.

Take care of yourself, but enjoy every minute!!!!

Julie Baergen

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